FaceApp adds video selfie filters

FaceApp, the well known and sometimes controversial airbrush/”beautifying” app has launched version 4.0 with a bang, and with video selfie capabilities complete with unique new video filters!

The most interesting new video filter on FaceApp is probably the aging video filter… that’s right, make yourself look older than you really are (might be useful in jumping on a Zoom cocktail party with your mom’s friends?). The FaceApp will fast-forward your age so your selfie video will look like the version of yourself that has hindsight 2020 of this year.

Unfortunately, the videos can only be 6 seconds long. Also unfortunately as of this writing, the new video filters were only available on Android and not Apple/iPhone.

Read more at AndroidPolice:

FaceApp — the well-known, sometimes-controversial, AI-powered selfie filtering app — is launching version 4.0 with a bang by bringing its unique beautification and aging tricks to video post-processing. And hell yeah, we’re gonna try them. What? You thought Halloween was over? Someone let me run without my walker again The update brings a new Video tab to FaceApp’s home screen. After users give permission for the app to record audio and video, they then record a clip, play it back, and then can apply any of the following filters: Young Old Smile Upset Hipster (adds a beard) Three more filters — Hollywood, Makeup, and Kiss — are available on a FaceApp Pro subscription for $5/mo., $30/yr., or $50 lifetime.

Click here to view original at www.androidpolice.com

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