My vision for this publication about Self portraits

“Making self portraits is a unique expression while letting your guard down and allowing your inner being to show through.”

The quote above, from a Self Portrait FaceBook group, pretty much summarizes why I have a long love-hate relationship with self portraits. Publicly posting selfies requires a certain amount of bravery, because if they’re misunderstood or criticized, it’s uniquely personal.

In 2013 I bought a Canon EOS 6D, and experienced unexpectedly profound creative transformation and took some of my most challenging and best self portraits ever (I’ll review the 6D from a self portrait angle soon).  That year, my self portraits were professionally exhibited twice.

I not only shot myself, but I posted more pictures of myself in 2013 than at any time in the previous 10 years.

I remember in my early 20s, about 2003-ish, being the first of my friends to have a digital camera. I remember shooting myself, taking hundreds of photos. I think that in that first month of having that 640×480 digital camera, that I probably got to know myself intimately. I discovered how my body worked and looked, without anyone else intruding, and without the waste of 100s of rolls of film (or needing the skill/resources to privately develop it). Digital self portraits allow for a uniquely private, intimate, self exploration.

Like writing, you can discover yourself a lot through taking pics of yourself; and like blogging, you learn even more about yourself by posting the visual fruits of your creative labour.

If you understand the need, the compulsion, to publicly communicate and share your creations… you understand the deeper purpose of this magazine.

ultimate goals:

  • To become the highest quality and most comprehensive, original, self portrait resource.
  • To hand curate the best self portrait resources and inspirations.
  • To create and nurture a diverse community of creative self portrait artists encompassing all skills.
  • To join the ranks of other quality photography periodicals and become the #1 online and print publication in the niche of self portraiture.

I would still not be doing this, not posting my personal self portraits publicly under my real name, if it weren’t for the encouragement of several close friends and professional colleagues whose objective advice and judgment I trust.

When it comes down to it, for me, self portraits are so subjective that I cannot see clearly or objectively.

I hope that this magazine, blog, publication… whatever you want to call it… inspires, provides useful information, and makes this world a more beautiful and better place (if only subjectively).

I’m looking for any help I can get, will consider any advice, and would love to post your articles, self portraits, and videos about self-shooting.