Tips on how to take a #Facebug selfie

Are you curious and intrigued about the selfie trend of people posing with bugs on their faces? With a bug on your face, it’s easier to see the size of the bug and your selfie is sure to get attention (although some people are grossed out by bugs, and might comment accordingly – so be prepared).

Here are some tips on how to get the perfect #Facebug selfie:

  1. Use burst mode – bugs can move quick or the wind can blow them off
  2. Try to pose so you’re back is against the wind, blocking it (speaking of the wind blowing stuff).
  3. Cooler weather is best – bugs are cold blooded and slow down in the cold.
  4. Check out the #Facebug hashtags on Instagram and Twitter for inspiration.
  5. Filter or not, your choice to use one!

Some interesting #facebug selfies below:

Further reading:

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To Put You At Ease With Creepy-Crawlies, Entomologists Face Your Fears

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facebug selfie
Tips on how to take a #Facebug selfie
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facebug selfie
Tips on how to take a #Facebug selfie