How to shoot good self portraits

If you ask around, people may say that holding the camera in-front of yourself is an act of narcissism, but there are times when you need a self shot (passport pictures are good example for one of those times), and no one is around to help you take it. These are the times when it’s good to know how to shoot a good self-portrait.

Start with the basics by making sure your hair is as you wanted it to be, your shirt’s collar is down, shirt is clean, and your teeth shining white…Next you need to find a place with a uncluttered and pleasant background. Take your camera out and have it stand on a tripod (if you have one, of course), then, set the focus to be as close to the area where you’ll be posing for your new picture and activate the self timer function in your camera (you know how to do it, right?).

If the place of shooting is too dark or the light is too dim for taking that self portrait, try using your camera’s flash. The flash provides enough lighting for a good self portraits, but slows the shutter enough to record the ambient light in that place. Position yourself where you had focused the camera and look directly into the lens. Oh… and don’t forget to smile.

Take several pictures, trying different poses and locations until you hit on a few you like best. If you have a remote control for your camera, you can save yourself lots of running back and forth from the tripod to the place you stand and pose. Creative self portraits are sometimes more fun when you are doing both photographer and model roles.

Self portraits are also perfect for experimenting with different looks that might make you feel more self conscious when someone else is behind the camera. You can try different expressions and poses, and erase the bad ones (you do shoot with a digital one, right?). The world will never know the difference.

Happy shooting:)

Author: Yaniv Chechik

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